Why Should You Introduce Vegan Options to Your Restaurant?

Picture the scene – a group of 12 friends are arranging a dinner out. If they look at your restaurant’s menu, are there options available for the two vegan friends? If there isn’t, then the whole group is going to eat elsewhere. You’ve just lost out on that big group booking in one fell swoop! With more and more people turning to veganism, this is a situation that will continue to occur, unless you take action.

What’s held you back from adding vegan options to your menu in the past? Is it that you’re worried about the cost? Are you unsure of how to prepare delicious vegan dishes? Are you concerned about where to source quality vegan ingredients? Come to Veggie World. We are a vegan wholesaler specialising in delivering competitively priced vegan ingredients and wholesale vegan products. With our helpful consultancy service, we can even help you to prepare dishes that not only taste great but complement your existing menu.

There are plenty of benefits to be gained from introducing vegan food to your restaurant and this blog will take you through these.

What are the benefits of adding vegan dishes to your menu?

• An emerging market

More and more people are choosing to embrace the vegan lifestyle. You need to capitalise on this growing trend. Attitudes towards plant-based diets are changing. Many people are swapping meat dishes for plant-based ones or going fully vegan. You need to keep up with the trends in order to retain and attract customers.

• Health benefits

People are more health conscious these days. Vegan food tends to be lower in cholesterol and saturated fat, as well as higher in fibre. What’s more, vegan options tend to contain fewer calories, which is ideal for those watching their weight. With vegan or veggie dishes, you can appeal to customers who want healthier options.

• Social responsibility

We’re facing a climate crisis and many people are looking at ways to be more sustainable. Offering vegan options aligns with this. The production of plant-based food has a much lower environmental impact compared to meat and dairy production. The health of the planet is a concern for many. Introducing vegan options lowers your company’s environmental impact and showcases your brand as one that cares about sustainable practices.

• More group bookings

As we already discussed, if you don’t offer vegan options, you’re likely to lose entire group bookings.

YouGov state that the UK population identify as follows:

  • 12% flexitarians
  • 6% vegetarians
  • 3% pescatarians
  • 2% vegans

When big group bookings are looking for restaurants, they are likely to pick one that has a diverse menu offering so that those who do not eat meat are catered for. As a restaurant, you need to be more inclusive. Think of all the group bookings you could be missing out on if you’re not!

• Boost your sales

By including vegan options, you’ll appeal to a larger market. Plant-based dishes are not only for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and pescatarians but also those who are curious to try something new. You’re also in turn catering for those customers that may have dietary restrictions or food allergies. It will help to grow and retain your customer base and thus improve your profits.

• Set your business apart

Times are changing and as we all know, if you don’t adapt as a business, you fall behind your competitors. You can gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd. Offering vegan options enhances your brand as you’ll be seen as an ethically responsible and inclusive restaurant.

• Cost-effective

Contrary to popular belief, plant-based food actually does not need to be costly. Vegan ingredients are often less expensive than animal-based products. Thus by adding vegan dishes to your menu, you’ll lower your costs and increase your profit margins.

Tips on how to introduce vegan dishes to your restaurant

  • Don’t be bland! Your dishes need to be appealing and flavoursome.
  • Pick menu items that fit your brand.
  • Highlight on the menu that they are vegan-friendly options to promote them and make them easy for customers to find.
  • Educate your staff on how to cook vegan dishes.
  • Find good suppliers of plant-based foods.

Why you should come to Veggie World

If you’re hesitant about adding vegan menu options, let vegetarian and vegan wholesaler Veggie World help. Our consultancy service can provide you with ideas and recipes to make the transition easy. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help. Take a browse of our web shop to find out more about the delicious vegan wholesale products we offer.

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